August 2020: Check out two new fonts,
Chickscritch and French Penpal.


“Chalkboard” Lettering Photoshop Tutorial

Recently, a friend asked how to create a custom chalkboard-look print for framing. She wanted to make a “where we’ve lived” keepsake that has the hand-made look of chalk art without the mess. Here’s an easy way to achieve the effect if you know a little about Photoshop but are intimidated by lettering.

Create a new document in Photoshop. Mine is 1200x1200 pixels. Fill the document with dark grey. I used #1e2228 (R: 30, G: 24, B: 40). This becomes your background layer.

TMI: Keep in mind that your document should be sized appropriately for your final output....

Site Updates are Coming Soon

I have a lot in store for La Lettre de Luxe in the coming weeks. I can’t wait to show you all I have been working on. My head always is full of letters and design, and this site aims to share that with anyone else as crazy for typography and style as I am. Thanks for stopping by!

DIY: Industrial “Brushed Metal” Letter Sign

One of my long-term home projects is incorporating lettering throughout the space. When I stumbled upon Life as a Thrifter’s “Knock-Off Anthropologie Letters” tutorial, I decided to do something similar for my son’s room.


  • Dropcloth: A broken-down cardboard box works. Cost: free.
  • Lightweight wood or paper composite letters: I used Hobby Lobby 8" papier maché letters. They are surprisingly sturdy, stylish, and inexpensive. Cost: $2.50/each.
  • A can of metallic spray paint: I used Krylon Premium Metallic in Original Chrome after debating between that color and Sterling Silver for...

How to Make Your Correspondence Singular

Several times a year, I open my mailbox to find a card from my friend Mayra. I don’t have to see the handwriting or read the return address to know it’s from her, because the envelopes are decorated in a unique way.

As a side note, which is relevant to this post, Mayra is the only roommate I’ve ever had. In the six-month gap between the end of a lease and a cross-country move, I moved into Mayra’s amazingly low-priced apartment situated above a Baptist church.

One thing I learned about Mayra during this time was her incredible...

How to Write a Memorable Thank-You Note

How do you thank someone who does something special for you? These days, most people don’t take the time to formally express their gratitude… but those who do know there are special rewards for putting pen to paper to say “thank you.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received thanks for my thank-you notes! This encourages me to continue marking occasions with meaningful sentiments.

On the receiving side, there are few things more touching than reading genuine words of gratitude from a beloved friend or respected colleague. Knowing how much a gift means to someone makes...